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Word of Mouth Marketing When Selling to Schools

Why is Generational Marketing Important When Marketing to Schools?

Marketing to schools has never been more complicated than it is today because the methods that worked just three years ago are no longer best practice.

We all are painfully aware of this fact. The question is “why?” The root cause is how educators now like to shop.

For EdTech providers, a fundamental shift is occurring that impacts the ability to reach educators—they’re leaving the profession in droves. Our data show the generational age of educators is shifting from Baby Boomers, who once dominated the EdTech industry to Gen X and Millennials, who now comprise the majority of educators.

Now more than ever, understanding generational marketing is important when marketing to schools.

Download the research here.

Marketing to Schools

Here are some generation cohort key facts you might want to add to your customer profiles

BOOMERS (born 1946-1964)

  • 96% use search engines
  • 95% use email
  • 92% shop for products/services online
  • 75% of Boomers are on Facebook
  • 19% more likely to share content via social media

GEN-XERS (born 1965-1980)

  • 80% name email as their preferred means of brand messaging
  • 75% follow brands on social for deals and bargains
  • 68% reported using coupons they’d been sent in the mail
  • 52% said they do not like being contacted by brands via text
  • 23% said they looked at offers via mobile app

MILLENNIALS (born 1981-1996)

  • 84% hate traditional advertising
  • 80% expect brands to make a public commitment to good citizenship
  • 73% say the internet is positive for society
  • 68% are conducting daily searches—an average of 5 per day
  • 57% view sponsored content but want it to feel authentic, entertaining, or useful

GEN-Z (born 1997-2012)

  • 86% rely on user reviews prior to making a purchase
  • 67% want to stay true to values even when making purchases
  • 62% of their time online is on a smartphone
  • 50% state that knowing a brand is socially conscious, increases the likelihood of purchase.
  • 8 second attention span

Parting Thoughts

  • Understanding where and how different generational cohorts of educators are discovering your products is an important factor in shaping your messaging for them.
  • BOOMERs like video, price points and special offers.
  • Messaging GEN-X is all about authenticity. They’re looking for brands that make good on their promises.
  • Millennials are tech-savvy, idealistic, and cash strapped.
  • GEN-Z-ERs expect the brands they buy to reflect their values, such as a commitment to sustainability and support of social causes.

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