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Brand Awareness Drives Profits

I think about brand awareness a lot.

What makes it “sticky?” How do you build a brand over time? Can you measure the ROI?

A few weeks ago, my friend Charles Sosnik asked me to write an article for The Learning Counsel. I told him I’m a bit of a brand nerd, and I’ve been thinking about an article called, “Can Brand Awareness Generate Measurable ROI?” It’s packed with tips, and guidance for those of you who have had your brand budget slashed or need to advocate for the role that brand plays in company growth.

As a marketer, I think my whole career in EdTech and STEM education has been preparing to write THAT article.

It’s the “why” that is important. Why this article?

Why now?

Each school district has thousands of software titles, and hundreds of vendors clamoring for attention. Since 2020, it’s even tougher to stand out in a crowded market. But things are changing, and brand awareness is becoming an important part of why districts are considering new vendors.

According to research from Edweek Market Brief, the top reasons districts consider new brands are

  • Positive reaction to product from teachers who tried it. (42%)
  • Product was aligned with state standards. (35%)
  • Company demonstrated product’s track record of improving student achievement. (29%)
  • Word-of-mouth about positive experiences of school officials in nearby districts that have worked with the company. (28%)
That’s the power of brand awareness.
Wondering how to connect brand awareness to ROI? Check out my article in The Learning Counsel.
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